Plasterboard Waste Bag

Use the Skipster to help segrigate Gypsum based materials

It can sometimes be a little hard to make sense of the changing regulations around plasterboard disposal.  But whether you are an individual, business or large-scale user of gypsum-based plasterboard, there are legal requirements around how it is disposed of.

  • Legally, all loads of waste containing identifiable gypsum-based materials, such as plasterboard, should be separated for recovery or recycling wherever possible.
  • Up until 2009, the Environment Agency had been taking a pragmatic view that separate disposal was not necessary where construction waste contained only small amounts (up to 10%) of sulphate.
  • This means it is important to separate out your plasterboard before we collect your waste to transport to our waste management site.  We offer a plasterboard disposal or recycling service using our SKIPSTER waste bag for ease of segregation.


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