Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment shall be made prior to delivery of the skip to the site unless otherwise agreed. An additional weekly charge at the Drurys Environmental Services Limited (DES) standard rate will be made where the skip is retained by the Hirer for longer than the seven-day hire period or further skips are provided.
  2. No skip must be left on the Public Highway or in a position which may be a hazard or cause obstruction. The Hirer is responsible for complying with the terms of any applicable licences or permits that are granted. They must ensure that skips are kept adequately lit and marked by warning notices and cones (supplied).
  3. No Hazardous waste is to be placed in the skip. (If in doubt, please call us).
  4. No fires shall be lit in the skip.
  5. All materials of whatever type deposited in the skip become the full and exclusive property of DES at the time of removal of the skip. Furthermore, DES shall not be responsible for any property including personal effects deposited by the Hirer or any other person in the skip and shall not be bound to return the same nor be liable for any loss or damage thereto.
  6. The Hirer has full responsibility for the skip whilst it is on the Hirer’s property or under the Hirer’s control. The liability of DES is restricted to loss or damage caused by negligence in connection with the delivery or collection of the skip only. Such liability whether in contract tort or otherwise shall not exceed 5 times the standard daily rate for all skips in the Hirer’s possession at the time the liability arises. DES shall in no circumstances have liability for any loss of profit or consequential loss. The foregoing does not limit the liability of DES for personal injury or death caused by its negligence.
  7. Delivery or collection times are estimates only and DES shall have no liability for any delay.
  8. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring adequate unobstructed and safe access to the site to enable skips to be delivered and collected without damage to driveways, gateways, overhead cables or other property. The Hirer must not move the skip from the position it is left in without agreement from DES.
  9. DES alone shall determine the location for disposal of materials deposited in skips and shall be under no obligation to comply with any request or direction which may be given to the Hirer with respect thereto.
  10. Due to problems with some types of waste e.g. certain types of roofing materials and double glazed panels we reserve the right to charge excess weight amount. This will be verified by a weighbridge ticket as necessary and further details can be provided as required.

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